Events Organised by Jabalpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry

JCCI Business Excellence Award 2016.

The JCCI Organized the 6th Annual Business Excellence Award Ceremony on 14th February, 2016 on the theme, ""Make in Jabalpur" which outstanding business achievers belonging to the various sectors, manufacturing were conferred the honour Awards were given to the coveted Manufacturers in the categories of cottage industry, SSI, Medium Scale & Large Scale.

JCCI Business Excellence Award 2016.

The grand ceremony was chaired by Mr. Vivek Tankha - Former Additional Solicitor General of India, Chief Guest was Mr. Prabhat Sahu - Chairman Mahakaushal Vikas Pradhikaran and distinguished Guests of Honour were Collector Jabalpur - Mr. S.N. Rupla, S.P - Mr.Ashish Kumar, Mr.Kailash Gupta & Mr. Ravi Gupta the event was a phenomenal success.

Economic, Industrial, Social and Tribal development of Mahakaushal Region.

The Jabalpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry organized a seminar on the topic, "Economic, Industrial, Social and Tribal development of Mahakaushal Region." on 11th April 2015. The Celebrity Speaker on this occasion was Shri Lahiri Guruji, an IIT-Ian and economic reformist. He addresed the august gathering on various subjects pertaining to management of business and reformation of the tribal areas. The meet was also graced by Shri Prahlad Patel , M.P. Damoh and Shri. Faggan Singh Kulaste and, M.P. Mandla.

Economic, Industrial, Social and Tribal development of Mahakaushal Region.

The Jabalpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry floated the concept establishing a Tax Free Zone near Jabalpur - Mandla region which would attract huge corporate investments in the area thus benefitting the tribals who in-turn would resort to employment and self- employment opportunities and would shed Naxalism. It is comprising of districts namely Balaghat, Mandla, Dindhori, Seoni, etc. where the affected impetus was laid upon curbing naxalism through economic development. The meet was highly successful.


JCCI ~ Women Business Excellence Awards 2015

Women Business Excellence Awards 2015 JCCI

The JCCI organized Women Business Excellence Award 2015 on 15th March to felicitate and confer the prestigious honour to the outstanding Women Entrepreneurs belonging to the various strata of trade & industry of Jabalpur region . The 5th such Award ceremony was organized by JCCI in commensuration to the theme of Women Economic Empowerment of JCCI .The Awards were conferred to 53 Women Entrepreneurs including 3 Life Time Achievement Awards . The eminent Guests on the occasion were Mrs. Shamina Shafiq, Member, National Commissioner for Women , Dr. Swati Godbole, Mayor, Jabalpur , Mrs. Pragya Richa Shrivastava, I.G. Women Crime Cell and Mr . S.N Rupla, Collector, Jabalpur. The event was a spectacular and a grand success . The JCCI solemns its commitment to Women Empowerment , as the year 2015 has been declared as Women Economic Empowerment Year by the organization.

Business Excellence Awards 2014 JCCI


JCCI ~ Annual General Meeting 2014

Business Excellence Awards 2014 JCCI

The Annual General Meeting was organised by Jabalpur Chamber Of Commerce & Industries on 22nd September 2014 in Jabalpur. It was an opportunity for all the members of chamber to learn about the past achievements and build plans for proceeding years. There was a report presented by the Senior Vice President, Shri Himanshu Khare, about the financial position of chamber. The Chairman Shri Prem Dubey provided new guidance for the development of business ideas and he said to promote Jewellery Complex, about Smart City development in Jabalpur, etc. Election was held for the new office bearers who were elected unopposed. The newly elected Office Bearers are as under:

1. Chairman - Prem Dubey
2. Executive President - Kamal Grover
3. Senior Vice President - Himanshu Khare
4. Vice President 1 - Mukesh Agrawal
5. Vice President 2 - Rakesh Chaudhary
6. Vice President 3 - Ajay Bakhtawar
7. Vice President 4 - Narendra Somaiya
8. Vice President 5 - Ghanshyam Gupta
9. Vice President 6 - Rajneesh Trivedi
10. Secretary - Narinder Pandhe
11. Treasurer - Pankaj Maheshwari
12. Jt. Secretary 1 - Virendra Kesharwani
13. Jt. Secretary 2 - Chandresh Vira
14. Jt. Secretary 3 - Deepak Jain
15. Jt. Secretary 4 - Arun Pawar
16. Jt. Secretary 5 - Shyam Suhaney
17. Jt. Secretary 6 - Mohammad Shafi
18. Jt. Secretary 7 - Manoj Seth

1. Anjana Bhamra - President -Women Wing
2. Bhimlal Gupta
3. Amarpreet Singh Chabbra
4. Durga Rajak
5. Rajesh Nandwani
6. Rohit Khatwani
7. Harinder Singh Rekhi
8. Anirudh Malpani
9. Himanshu Tiwari
10. Rajesh Asrani
11. Shashi Kant Pandey

1) Trade Committee - Radheshyam Agrawal
2) Banking & Finance - Arun Grover
3) Infrastructure Promotion Committee - Sarabjeet Singh Mokha
4) Adhartal Industries Committee - Satish Oswal
5) Richhai Industries Committee - Mukesh Pyasi
6) Maneri Industries Committee - Sushil Pandey
7) Agriculture Committee - Ravi Mishra
8) Taxation Committee - Shishir Nema
9) Youth Wing - Ramesh Manocha
10)JCCI Business Club - Ashok Wadhwa (President); Anivesh Verma (Secretary)


JCCI organises Business Excellence Awards Ceremony 2014

The JCCI organized a Business Excellence Awards Ceremony on 7th January 2014 at Jabalpur to felicitate the outstanding entrepreneurs of Jabalpur Region. The theme of the programme was to honuor the business persons up to the age of 50 years.

Business Excellence Awards 2014 JCCI

Business persons who were conferred the prestigious award represented the various sectors of trade and industry. Nominations were invited from the respective trade & industry associations and the committee of the JCCI short listed the recipients in a democratic manner.
45 such awards were given by the Chief Guest, Mr. Deepak Khandekar, Commissioner, Jabalpur. Apart from 45 such awards, Life Time Achievement Awards were also conferred to the seniors of the trade and industry, who have contributed a great deal to the economic development of Jabalpur.
Such laureates were Mr. Rajesh Maheshwari, Mr. Bhagwati Dhar Vajpayee and Mr. Manjit Singh Chhabra. It was an honour to the JCCI to felicitate the captains of the trade and industry.


JCCI delegation meet the State Finance Minister - Mr. Jayant Mallaiya

Mahakoushal Vyapar Utsav 2013
A delegation of the JCCI met the State Finance Minister, Mr. Jayant Mallaiya on 31st July 2014 at Jabalpur & gave him a memorandom to withdraw the loop holes of the VAT act, in the large interest of the business community of Jabalpur.
The Minister consented to the demands of JCCI and assured the delegation of the positive measures.


Seminar on the delayed payments for Micro and Small Scale Industries

Mahakoushal Vyapar Utsav 2013

A Seminar on the delayed payments for Micro and Small Scale Industries sector was organized on 26th July 2014 by the JCCI in association with the FMPCCI & ZDH Sequa and the objective was to eradicate the problems and issues pertaining to the delayed payments faced by the Micro & Small Industries Sector. The gathering was addressed by Mr. V.K Beohar, Secretary FMPCCI, Bhopal and former Joint Director Industries, M.P Govt. and renowned industrialist of Indore, Mr. Laxmi Chand Tolani.
The speakers categorically stated and informed the gathering of the schemes and policies of Micro & Small Scale Industries Facilitation Council. They informed that how the Facilitation Council could redress and facilitate the payment problems of the Micro & Small Scale Industries Sector. They also inform that in the context of the payment delayed beyond 45 days, the Facilitation Council takes the responsibilities to get the delayed / blocked payment recovered from the purchasers be it in the state of M.P and outside the state .
The JCCI has come forward to the rescue of the victimized industrialists and has asked the suffering industrialists to put forward their applications to the JCCI. The seminar was attended by the industrialists in large numbers.


Meets with PrincipAL Secretary Trade & Industry 2014

Mahakoushal Vyapar Utsav 2013

A delegation of the JCCI met the Principal Secretary Trade & Industry, Mr. Mohammad Suleman and the state Industries Commissioner, Mr. V.L. Kantha Rao on 2nd august 2014 at Jabalpur and submitted a memorandom to establish a Light Engineering & Defence Cluster at Jabalpur. The Secretary Mr. Himanshu Khare informed the officials that in lieu of the present FDI of 49% in the defence sector, opportunities galore exists for such a cluster. He said that Jabalpur has a flourishing sector of Fabrication and also Defence ancillaries thus ,if such a cluster sees the light of the day then it would prove beneficial to the economic development of the region.
Mr. Himanshu Khare also demanded to form a multi-storied Micro & Small Scale Industrial Complex, Sweets & Namkeen manufacturing cluster, Powerloom cluster, Wood Park & Copy-Register Manufacturing Cluster at Jabalpur. He also added to establish a Central Business District under the Jabalpur-Singrauli Industrial Corridor scheme, Special Education Zone & to establish a Common Facility Centre at the Richhai industrial area at Jabalpur. The officials gracefully accepted the formation of the Light Engineering & Defence Cluster and also assured to take a cognizance and positive outlook to the demands submitted by the Chamber.


Mahakaushal Vyapar Utsav 2013

Mahakoushal Vyapar Utsav 2013

The JCCI along with the Jabalpur Tourism Promotion Council under the District Administration of Jabalpur organized the Mahakaushal Vyapar Utsav from 24th to 30th January 2013. The impeccable event was organized for the 3rd time in succession. The grand show presented a plethora of business opportunities for the business persons, existing and potential belonging to various sectors of Trade & Industry. The event showcased six domes and 250 stalls relating to Manufacturing, Education, I.T., Employment, Automobiles, Real Estate, Agro, Herbal & Ayurved, Health, Readymade Garment, Handicrafts, Food and Entertainment. Visitors from Jabalpur and adjoining districts poured in large numbers to reap the benefits of the Mega Trade Fair.


European Union- Jabalpur Business Meet 2013

EU JBP Investors Meet 2013

To explore business opportunities between the European Union and Jabalpur and to promote bilateral trade, an European Union-Jabalpur Business Meet was organized by the JCCI on 26th July 2013 in which privileged Ambassadors & Envoys from Lithuania, Sweden, Spain and the European Nations presented their deliberations on the bilateral business opportunities. Presentation was also given to Harness the Investment potential in Jabalpur region supplemented with the state Government’s Investment Policy. The Envoys were accorded the status of State Guests and this was for the first time that Envoys in large numbers came to Jabalpur.


Swarozgar Vyapar Mela-2012

The JCCI organized the most talked about multifaceted 13th Swarozgar & Vyapar Mela – from 22nd to 25th December 2012 at Jabalpur. The event witnessed exhibitors from the Technology, Finance, I.T., Defence, Education, Herbal & Ayurved and the Government Departments. The grandeur contained about 25 stalls and many thought provoking Seminars & Workshops were organized for the benefits of the Business Community at large.

Swarozgar Vyapapr Mela 2013


The Jabalpur Business Expo ' 2010 was Central India 's most coveted and doyen of business extravaganza and was in line with the famous Swarozgar Mela's organised by us since the year 1996. This show was also a platform for wood and food business. The event was inaugurated by the Mayor of Jabalpur H’onable  Mr. Prabhat Sahu The show promises an armada of participants from different facets of trade and industry. A myraid of participant organisations and an assured platform to reap the returns is a paradigm of our achievements. We strongly opine that a strong business idea which is palatable needs to be properly showcased to churn out maximum possibilities and the Jabalpur Business Expo ' 2010 was such an event which was a vista in itself.


The year 2010 had again witness a mega event on career and placements - 8th Career Job & Expo, organised under the aegis of the Jabalpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry on May 8, 9 & 10th '2010 at Jabalpur (M.P.). The privileged participation of various organization has been invited in the central India's most prolific show on careers. The success of our previous career events is a paradigm of the marvel that we offer. This time the focus has been on the 10+2 career options and placements pertaining to the various strata of education from all across the country. Our penchant for the education industry and our endeavour in this direction has brought accolades from all.


The above event has been organized in association with ASSOCHAM, India’s leading chamber of commerce & A.K.V.N. (Jabalpur) Ltd., Department of Industry, Govt. of M.P. The Renewable Energy Expo/Agro & Food Expo/ Herbal & Ayurveda Expo in the Jabalpur Investors Mart had witness key and prominent organisations from all over the country pertaining to the above industry. The event has been graced by the major technology providers, machinery manufacturers and consultants from all over the country. The above event has market the natural and industrial potential of Jabalpur in a large manner and generate awareness for renewable energy, Agro & Food, Herbal & Ayurveda resources amongst the entrepreneurs and masses in general.

7th CAREER FAIR 2009

The event, “Career Expo 2009” is organized for the 7th time in Jabalpur under the aegis of the Jabalpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
To reminisce the Career events organised by us in the past have been a marvel amalgamating institutions and organisations from all across the country encompassing various career options. Our meticulous approach, blitz on the fair and penchant to promote the education industry has posed the trust of numerous participants from all over and has enamoured the visitors to a large extent and brought kudos to the organisation .
This year too we strive to assemble the complete strata of education and career in the expo.

6th CAREER FAIR – 2008

The event, “Career Expo 2008” is organized for the 6th time in succession under the aegis of the Jabalpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry in association with Dainik Bhaskar, Jabalpur. The Fair was inaugurated by the Mayor of the Jabalpur.
This event showcases prolific career opportunities for all and is graced by eminent educational institutes and placement agencies from all across the country.

The Career Expo’ 2008 has envisages a frolic participation of participants from all over and a glittering assembly about twenty five thousand enthusiasts who are seeking career opportunities in the fair. We have a resplendent past of organizing for career fairs inviting esteemed participation of educational institutes, placement agencies, career counselors, financial institutions and other from all over the country.


The first MINECON organised by the Jabalpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry in the year 2008 for the onset of the SEZ for minerals and mining at Hargarh, Jabalpur. The mining and construction industry in Jabalpur region is prolific and growing leaps and bounds. Organisations relating to the above industry were invited to display, demonstrate and market their products and services in the MINECON.  A large portray of attendees relating to construction industry, government organisations and others had participated in it.



The eagerly awaited Readymade Garment Complex in Jabalpur is the initiative of the JCCI where the chamber proposed the need of such a complex in the city at the Swarozgar Mela 1996. The chief guest of the programme and the then Chief Minister of M.P. Shri Digvijay Singh promised to undertake the initiative to form the Readymade Garment Complex. The JCCI understood the need of such a complex because of the existence of about four hundred garment manufacturers in the city and the related employment opportunities offered to many. The JCCI prepared a project report of the same along with the model of the complex and handed over the same to the district administration. The Stone Park at Sleemanabad, proposed SEZ at Sihora, Food Park at Maneri and the proposed IT Park at Jabalpur are the dream projects that have been ignited by the JCCI. The above projects are a marvel and the halcyon days are not far for the people of this region. The JCCI would strive for the accomplishment of many more projects of mass importance in the times to come.

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