Jabalpur always faces an identity crisis and so the business here. Jabalpur is yet to arrive on the industrial map of the country despite it being rich in natural resources, infrastructure and strategically placed. The questions and queries like where is Jabalpur? What are the industries and trading activities? What is the availibility of raw materials? What is the market like? What are the prominent industries? Such questions arise because we have not been able to market our place and the business potential all over. To overcome such bottlenecks, to carve a niche identity for ourselves and to aggrandize the business here, the Jabalpur Business Card Directory in the book form is in the offing where myriad of business data and avenues would be marketed all over the country and internationally as well.


In our maiden venture, we solemn to showcase the business of Jabalpur in the Directory in the business card form which is the first of its kind in the country where the card would be your exhibition and identity. The conglomeration of business cards with photographs is worth to cast a spellbound impact on the readers and riveting as well. The directory would contain the details of the various business associations sectorwise and areawise so that the trade and industry associations also feature in the same. Simultaneously, such a data would be uploaded on the website of the Chamber by which a world of opportunities would open for the businesspersons of Jabalpur and the data would be provided to all in the form of CD as well.

The business card data is to be provided to ASSOCHAM, India's leading chamber, whereby the leading business houses of the country generate interest in the business opportunities in Jabalpur. The much acclaimed SWOT analysis conducted by ASSOCHAM and the Jabalpur Chamber of Commerce & Industry would also figure in the directory for others to understand the place and the existing business potential. All the above, would make the directory informative, complete and the most sought after in the market thus by expanding the business horizon of the city.

The opportunity is apt for you to ride the bandwagon of the Jabalpur Business Card Directory. Such a lot of features with multiple benefits is awaiting your confirmation.
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